Ralph Ticehurst - Spiritual Healer

A Spiritual Destiny

Ralph Ticehurst, Spiritual Healer

Aware of the spiritual world from very young, Ralph has been a full time healer for the last twenty six years. His healing gift gathered momentum in the late eighties, until in 1995 he realised he was so busy he could not run his sales and marketing company and cope with all his patients - the Ticehurst Healing Clinic was born.

With his wife Jan who is also a qualified healer, aromatherapist and reflexologist, he has a steady stream of patients. Ralph's client list also includes many animals. Horses, dogs, cats, a goldfish and even a Moluccan Cockatoo called Molly have benefited from his gift.

Dynamic Healing

The term 'Dynamic Healing' describes the very few people who are able to channel healing energy to patients' own energy fields enabling their bodies to move passively into positions and exercises to stimulate recovery, i.e. the patients move dynamically. This often happens with Ralph's healing and can be dramatic, patients frequently say "I couldn't possibly do this on my own". Ralph's spiritual healing has brought about wonderful recoveries and gentle relief from many diverse mind, body, emotional and spiritual health problems and disabilities.

A Last Resort

Being considered a last resort does not faze Ralph - Jan has often joked they should rename the clinic 'The Last Chance Saloon' as so many times they have been told that everything else has failed; and the gauntlet is thrown down. This is when Ralph says "I cannot promise anything - except that you will know from the first treatment whether something is happening or not - and so will I, and we'll go from there". This may be why Ralph has never needed to advertise, all his patients come on personal recommendation and that word has not only spread over the UK, but to many other countries too.

Passing Over

Ralph's work also encompasses healing into dying, helping the terminally ill to pass over by taking away the fear and easing the transition, not only for the patient but for the family that are present too. At the other end of the spectrum he has also helped women to conceive.

Spiritual Cleansing

A side aspect to Ralph's work is the spiritual cleansing of properties. That is, the moving on or releasing of unhappy or mischievous spirits. Most of these spiritual clearances are in private homes, but local businesses have used Ralph's services including an estate agent in Lincoln who had a problem keeping tenants in a house because of unseen unhappy forces. It was fine after they were invited to leave!

Spirit Guides

Over the years Ralph has been aware of several spirit guides helping him in his daily work. He has drawn pictures of two who were shown very clearly to him psychically on separate occasions. Over the years his gift has become stronger and changed as different guides come to help him in his daily work. Ralph has no allegiance to any organised religion but firmly acknowledges "The Source" and gives thanks for it.


A newsletter on Ralph and his practice was kindly started and maintained by the late Mike Chew. To see the first edition click here

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