My Life in Spiritual Healing: Amazing stories from a life spent working with spirit

A book has been written about Ralph. It contains a detailed account of his background and work and the many extraordinary spiritual experiences he's had throughout life leading up to the present day as well as his current spiritual healing work. The book describes how many of Ralph's patients adopt recognisable ancient healing arts movements and positions e.g. Tai Chi, Chi-Gung and Yoga. The majority of these people have never practised these exercises and are surprised at what they achieve - all to benefit the healing proces.

Also included in the book is a documented case study of a young woman dying from cancer who started to speak in a strange language during healing treatments. This was identified by experts to be an aincent Chinese dialect. Ralph is among a handful of people worldwide who are able to heal people the way he does. If you're interested in healing, this is a 'must read'.

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