Case Studies

Overviews of some of Ralph's recent patients. The names have been removed to preserve patient confidentiality.


J had had Lupus for some time and had seen several doctors including specialists and a professor in London. She was told there was no cure but strong medication would help which had unfortunate side effects. After six healing treatments the Lupus has cleared and she is still clear today.

Physical Injury

I, an ex-paratrooper whose chest was crushed between two skips, not only regained lung capacity but found his depression lifted and as a spiritual side effect no longer wants to shoot the wildlife on his land, "I realised the pheasant has a right to life too".

Rett Syndrome

A, a five year old with Rett Syndrome has reduced the amount of seizures she suffers, is now making eye contact and starting to make word sounds. She has also better coordination, concentration, is much more alert and smiles more.

Lower Body Paralysis

L was paralysed from the waist down after being hit by a vehicle whilst out horse riding. She's gradually moved her legs, feet, hips and torso and is now crawling unaided, and has briefly stood - Ralph says "there's more to come, the body repairs itself at its own pace."


The healing also prevented one young woman with a serious illness from committing suicide. She confided in Ralph after a few treatments that she now felt able to cope with her disabilities and could face the future again. She still has healing today from time to time.


Rolo the whippet had an ulcerated mass on his chest after an operation to remove a tumour. The mass healed completely after two sessions with Ralph.

Animals accept healing as a completely normal and natural practice. They seem to know and understand, perhaps even more than humans, that healing is a force for good which will not harm them. They too move dynamically when Ralph works with them with wonderful results.

Some illnesses need many, even ongoing treatments, others only one to six visits. Spinal and back problems, migraine, sports injuries, eczema and psoriasis, chronic pain, road traffic accident victims, stroke, Parkinson's, cancer, Bell's Palsy, digestive disorders and drug abuse are just some of the disorders that have been helped.

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