Lupus, Rett syndrome, lower-body paralysis and depression

Ralph Ticehurst: Dynamic Healer Par Excellence

Welcome to the Ticehurst Newsletters. These are available at the clinic and as emails. Arrangements can be made to post them as well. If you are interested in receiving the Newsletters on a regular basis, please send your email address (preferably) or postal address to the Editor Mike Chew or 2 Beverley Gardens, Stamford, Lincs. PE9 2UD. Email and postal addresses are not divulged to third parties.

Mike is a retired schoolmaster and a tennis friend of Ralph Ticehurst. He and a number of his friends have been treated by Ralph in the past and have been very impressed with the work he does. Mike wishes the wider public to learn about and appreciate Ralph's gifts. Mike is of the view there is no such thing as a miracle, (excepting that life itself is a miracle). A 'miracle' is a natural event for which as yet there is no scientific explanation. The huge and rapid advances being made in all branches of scientific research, not only those in the field of medicine, are testimony to the fact that 'miracles' may well be a 'a breed in decline'.

Ralph and his wife Jan live and work in Stamford, Lincolnshire, by the A1 and not far from Peterborough.

Ralph and Jan Ticehurst

Aware of the spiritual world from a very young age, Ralph has been a full-time healer for the last fifteen years. His healing gift gathered momentum in the late eighties, until in 1995 he realised he was so busy, he could not run his sales and marketing company and cope with all his patients - the Ticehurst Healing Clinic was born.

With his wife Jan, who is also a Healer, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, he sees around sixty patients weekly. Ralph's client list also includes many animals, including race horses!

The Ticehursts have their own website:, and these Newsletters are intended to complement the website.

Ralph is a member of the Healing Trust, which is the new working name of The NFSH Charitable Trust Ltd (Charity No 1094702). It is a pan-denominational organisation, and is the largest and oldest membership organisation of Spiritual Healers in the UK. (see

He is also a member of the NHS Directory of. Complementary & Alternative Practitioners .(see , gives talks to doctors (and indeed has a number as his patients), and submits himself to scientific scrutiny.

Dynamic Healing

Ralph describes himself as a Dynamic Healer, a term which describes the very few people who are able to channel healing energy to patients' own energy fields to stimulate dynamic (ie self-induced) recovery or relief from many diverse mind, body, emotional and spiritual health problems and disabilities.

A Last Resort

Being considered a last resort does not faze Ralph. His wife Jan has often joked they should rename the clinic 'The Last Chance Saloon', as so many times they have been told that everything else has failed; and the gauntlet is thrown down. Ralph doesn't promise anything, but knows from the very first treatment session whether he can help or not. Ralph has never needed to advertise, and these Newsletters are not marketing tools, but are testimonies to his gifts. Indeed he does not need new patients and his appointments book is always full to overflowing. All his patients come on personal recommendation and that word has not only spread over the UK, but to many other countries too.

Case Studies

We intend to cite some of the cases that Ralph has successfully dealt with, so that readers can appreciate the range of disorders that he treats. He is not always successful, but his successes are many and truly remarkable. We invite those who have been successfully treated by Ralph to contribute to these Newsletters. Send your contributions to or Mike Chew, 2 Beverley Gardens, Stamford, Lincs. PE9 2UD. Tel. 01780 763496. The text of the published case studies will only appear when/if approved by the patient. Anonymity is guaranteed if that is what the patient wants.

Spinal and back problems, migraine, sports injuries, eczema and psoriasis, chronic pain, road traffic accident victims, stroke, Parkinson's, cancer, Bell's Palsy, digestive disorders and drug abuse are just some of the disorders that have been helped. Some illnesses have needed ongoing treatment, others only one to six visits.

Healing & Traditional Medicine

Whilst many people have reported physical and/or emotional benefits from attending healing sessions with Ralph he cannot promise or guarantee any particular result. His work is not intended to be a substitute for standard medical advice and treatment, but rather a complementary alternative to orthodox medical practice. It can sometimes achieve results that orthodox medicine fails to achieve.

'Going with the Flow'

This is not a systematic description of Ralph's gifts and his successes. The random nature of these Newsletters allows us to 'go with the flow'.

Lupus (see

Lupus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease that can affect virtually any system in the body. Think of it as a 'self-allergy' where the body attacks its own cells and tissues, causing inflammation, pain, and possible organ damage.

LJ had had Lupus for some time and had seen several doctors including specialists and a professor in London. She was told there was no cure but strong medication would help, which had unfortunate side effects. After six healing treatments with Ralph the Lupus cleared and she is still clear today, a number of years later.

Rett Syndrome (see

Rett syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder of the grey matter of the brain that affects girls almost exclusively.

RA, a five-year-old with Rett Syndrome, has reduced the amount of seizures she suffers, is now making eye contact and starting to make word sounds. She has also better coordination, concentration, is much more alert and smiles more.

Physical Injury

PJ, an ex-paratrooper whose chest was crushed between two skips, not only regained lung capacity but found his depression lifted.

Lower Body Paralysis

LM was paralysed from the waist down after being hit by a vehicle whilst out horse riding. She's gradually moved her legs, feet, hips and torso and is now crawling unaided, and has briefly stood - Ralph says "there's more to come, the body repairs itself at its own pace."


Healing also prevented one young woman (JD) with a serious illness from committing suicide. She confided in Ralph after a few treatments that she now felt able to cope with her disabilities and could face the future again. She still has healing today from time to time.


Animals accept healing as a completely normal and natural practice. They seem to know and understand, perhaps even more than humans, that healing is a force for good which will not harm them. They too react dynamically and spontaneously when Ralph works with them, with wonderful results.

Rolo the whippet had an ulcerated mass on his chest after an operation to remove a tumour. The mass healed completely after two sessions with Ralph.

Tell your story

Send your story to or Mike Chew, 2 Beverley Gardens, Stamford, Lincs. PE9 2UD. The final text will be agreed with you.

Case Study No 1.

This is the unedited account by one of Ralph's patients, who does not wish to be named for personal reasons.

In April 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. I caught it fairly early and was advised to go for treatment. I was told that there was possibly a 70% chance of success. Nearly two months of almost back to back daily radiotherapy treatments, combined with fifty-four hours of chemotherapy took a heavy toll on me. I was weak, unstable, disorientated and my mouth and external neck areas were severely damaged. My G.P. was able to overcome the problems inside my mouth and throat, but the frailty of my body, and the terrible burns to my neck, which were open wounds, remained.

The thought of using a Healer never entered my mind. I had no personal or mutual contacts of any kind. I was not sceptical nor a believer. I just did not know of, or think of, embarking on such a process. A friend and neighbour saw my state of health, confided in me that he had seen Ralph on several occasions and the results had always been remarkable.

With a totally open mind I booked a session of meetings with Ralph. Within two weeks my physical strength was returning, with that, my stability, mental and physical. Within a month all of the wounds on my neck, whether open and raw, or closed and painful disappeared. Not only that, not one scar ever appeared, and over two years later still has not.

Ralph did not just treat the results of my treatments, he also set about the cancer itself, to ensure that the NHS efforts to cure me might be complemented by his special gift.

I finished by NHS treatments in July 2009 and now, late into 2011, the cancer has not returned. The external severe and painful damage to my neck has completely gone without a single scar. My weight is where I would expect it to be and is stable.

I believe categorically that Ralph achieved extraordinary results. So, when in the Spring of 2011, I was, after a biopsy, diagnosed with skin cancer, who would I see? I should point out that after my first few visits to Ralph and their success I continued to visit him monthly, so it was a case of asking Ralph to enlarge his area of attention.

My skin cancer started off with an unsightly lesion the size of a thumb nail. Under my NHS treatment a deeply inflamed area the size of an average hand developed, with some open and bleeding zones. I had been advised that this would probably happen and my G.P. carefully monitored my situation. This time Ralph was actually seeing me during my treatments.

A month ago there was no way I could foresee an unblemished condition returning to the affected area. Today, I can only just see where to apply the last few treatments, barely a trace remains.

I have immense admiration for, and trust in, those doctors, consultants and nurses who treated me within the NHS. I remain in awe and grateful. With this in mind, I believe I can justifiably and openly state that I am convinced, as brilliant as these people are, Ralph does bring something special to the table. I am a lucky person to have been "bullied" into thinking healer by a friend, lucky to have met such brilliant and dedicated people within the NHS, and lucky to still be alive and feeling very well.

Ralph has commented: The trust that has been shown here in his GP and the NHS is an important factor in this account. My work is complementary and never an alternative to medical advice. It is also remarkable how the human body somehow has the ability to heal itself.

Contacting the Ticehurst Clinic

Please be advised that Ralph and Jan are always very busy running their clinic, and it is better if you email or phone 01780 763496 in the first instance. Ralph himself does not go near computers because he often upsets them. He has had such problems with the ticket machines on the London Underground and the Sydney Harbour Ferry where he has created havoc. Even the tills at Morrison's are not immune to his 'gifts'. But more of that in another Newsletter.