Physical Injury, Depression and Smoking

November 2011

Ralph Ticehurst: Dynamic Healer Par Excellence

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Ralph and the Daily Express

On Friday 27 January 2006 the Daily Express ran a two-page article on Ralph. Among the 'cures' cited in the article is one about Lucy from North Lincolnshire, who was paralysed from the hips down in January 2001 after a car ploughed into a horse she was riding. Through Ralph's 'intervention her legs began to vibrate as if from an electric shock, and after six treatments the healing process pulled her off the bed on to the floor and she began to crawl and sit, although she was unable to walk. She is now riding again and hopes to ride for the British paralympics team.

The article says: "The truth is that there is an explanation of why such transformations take place; it is simply that medical expertise is not yet at the place of development where it can recognise or understand it."

Ralph feels that more and more medical professionals are now showing an interest in complementary techniques such as are practised by him, and indeed he has a number of patients who are practitioners of orthodox medicine or members of their families. He lectures to doctors and is registered by the NHS as a practitioner of complementary medicine.

Ralph has little medical knowledge. "I was treating a paediatrician who had stomach problems and she was giving me all the details of her surgery I had to tell her it meant nothing to me." As we said in the first of these newsletters, Dynamic Healer is a term which describes the very few people who are able to channel healing energy to patients' own energy fields to stimulate dynamic (i.e. self-induced) recovery or relief from many diverse mind, body, emotional and spiritual health problems and disabilities. If it works, don't knock it. One day we shall know why and how it works, but not just yet.

Physical Injury

Some time ago Ralph was visited by a gentleman who had suffered displaced vertebrae in a serious car accident. Surgeons had managed to put back some of the vertebrae, but could not put back a couple, which caused immense pain. At the first session with Ralph the gentleman suddenly experienced intense pain, and the remaining vertebrae popped back into place. The gentleman has not needed to return to Ralph since that time.

Personal testimony No 2

This patient does not wish to be named, but this is her testimony. She tore all the muscles in her back in 1995, when she tried to save a seventeen-stone patient falling in the nursing home where she was working. She went to Ralph on the recommendation of a friend, and gradually her mobility improved. At the sessions Ralph was able to make her carry out various movements that she could not even contemplate without his intervention.

On 3 September 1997 she was involved in a horrific car crash. She was in intensive care for two weeks. She had spinal injuries, 13 broken ribs, and a fractured ankle, could not move her left arm and lost part of her ear. She became very depressed and almost suicidal. She was made redundant as a school cook as she could not cope with aspects of her job because of the effect of her injuries. Doctors said that she would probably have three years 'on the sick', but after the first session with Ralph she was able to sleep for six hours a night instead of the ninety minutes previously, and was back at work after ten months and has been continuously in work ever since.

Her pain builds up over a month, but with treatment from Ralph she achieves 99% improvement, as she puts it. She is full of energy. She manages without pain killers, and her mental state is fine.

Personal testimony No 3

This lady wishes us to withhold her name.

Sixteen years ago, whilst working as the Founder Matron of a nursing home in Stamford, it was discovered that I needed to have neurosurgery at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, following a thirteen- hour operation which revealed a huge benign brain tumour.

The worst shock was that I was instantly and totally blind. I found it very depressing, having to cope with this dreadful disability.

During the first year of recovery I was encouraged to go to Ralph's Clinic, where I was helped to recover from a bone infection. I began to feel that life was worth living once again.

My only experience of distant healing was when Ralph and Jan went to Australia for a few weeks. We arranged that at 10 pm on various dates I would concentrate on Ralph and his healing ability. He would also concentrate on me. I slowly had a vision of a bird looking at me, and its face gradually turned into Ralph. (I knew Ralph before going blind.) I also felt the healing energy coming through. On his return Ralph told me that in order to concentrate he went alone to sit on the veranda.

Shortly a kookaburra, known to be a very shy bird, came to perch in front of him and sat for the whole twenty minutes of the session before flying away. I feel that this bird must have been the connection between healer and patient, enabling the distant healing to take place. Strange, but true.

I have had trust and faith in Ralph's gift of healing for the last fifteen years.

Personal testimony No 4

Carol Cotton writes: Miracles may not exist, but when I retired (as a 30 a day dedicated and addicted smoker who had tried hypnosis, acupuncture and willpower with no luck whatsoever) I called on Ralph Ticehurst to see if he thought he could help. I will stress here that he did not say 'of course I can', but words to the effect that it might be worth a try!

Within a week of 2 or 3 sessions with Ralph the psychological pain had gone and from that very first visit (11 years ago) I have neither smoked nor had any desire to. Not even my doctor believed that such a thing could ever happen! For this I owe Ralph my most grateful thanks.

Recovery times after operations

Ralph consistently reduces by half the expected recovery period after conventional operations. More on this topic on another occasion.

Ralph and computers

We mentioned in the first newsletter that Ralph rarely goes near computers because of the chaos he sometimes causes. In Morrison's, Tesco and Sainsbury tills have shut down when he has approached them, and he has had to move away before they will come to life again. He has had similar trouble with hand-held credit card machines.

At Bond Street tube station he managed to shut down all the ticket machines. In Sydney Australia when he was going from Manley Harbour to Circular Quay the whole bank of ticket machines went down. Ralph moved away and eventually they came back to life. He was told in true Australian language to b------ off and not come back again!


Ralph can revive dead batteries just by holding them. One example: Ralph had been working on a lady and as she and her husband went back to their car, they could not move it because the battery in the key fob was flat. Ralph managed to revive it just by holding it for a few minutes. On another occasion Ralph had been working on a man's back. As the man went to leave in his Range Rover the car alarm went off for no apparent reason and couldn't be stopped until the car had driven half a mile.

Once, in Greece, when he was treating a lady for back trouble, her husband was amazed at what Ralph was achieving and asked if he could video what was happening. Unfortunately the battery proved to be flat, but Ralph was able to recharge it so that the film could be taken.

The next newsletter

We shall recount a few more amazing stories - for instance when Ralph's mother had an operation to replace her knee. Also an instance where, following a mastectomy, a lump was removed through 'psychic surgery'. Also Ralph being able to 'see' what was in a sealed sarcophagus in Greece.

If you have been a patient of Ralph and have a story to tell, please contact Your name will be withheld, if that is your wish.