A Scientific Study

An interesting scientific study was conducted with Harry Oldfield FRMS, inventor of Electro-Scanning and Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP). PIP is a detailed and sophisticated way of showing subtle invisible energy fields that have been seen with Kirlian photography. The images produced show patterns and colours in and around the body which represent different frequencies of energy vibration. The interpretation of these patterns and colours can be used to understand health problems and subsequently how healing has helped.

A video interview with Harry Oldfield is available here on consciousmedianetwork.com.

Polycontrast Interference Photography

The photos below were produced by Harry Oldfield, the captions are his own words.

Plant before healing experiment

Burst of energy to side of plant
(Ralph's hand visible at top left of image)

Control. Congested energy clearly seen right side of face

Face after energy session, now showing less conjestion and more balance

The two photos of Jan showing congested energy on the right side of her face tie in with root canal dental work she'd had recently.

Kirlian Photography

The image below was taken at the Mind and Body Festival in Brentwood in 1998. After the photo was taken, the photographer exclaimed that it was extremely unusual to see so much white spiritual energy in the aura and that Ralph really ought to be using it - he didn't know Ralph was already a full time Healer.

Kirlian photograph of Ralph

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