They do not die whom we call dead. They go from Life to Life.

April 2016

Ralph Ticehurst: Dynamic Healer Par Excellence

An epitaph on the headstone of a young man in Stamford cemetery reads, "They do not die whom we call dead. They go from Life to Life." What do you think? Ralph says that he has been shown time and time again that we do indeed move on to another life. As a healer with gifts accorded to few, he has continuously interacted with spirits/gurus from distant ages and been a conduit for many of us to re-establish contact with loved ones who have passed on.

No need for an operation after all!
Ralph held a session at the Tobie Norris pub in Stamford in aid of an animal charity. He did a ‘demonstration’ with a lady called Sandra, who, with her eyes closed, was moving her body with oriental movements. At one stage she moved towards a lady, whom she did not know, and held her ears in her own hands. She felt extreme heat, as if she had put her hand on a light bulb. It transpired afterwards that the lady concerned was waiting for an operation because she had polyps in her one of her ears and had a burst eardrum. When the lady later went to her consultant there was no evidence of polyps and he said there was no need for an operation.

Sandra used to be a cook at a school for disabled children before she was severely injured in a car crash. Once, in the healing room, she took on a spirit, one of Ralph’s Chinese guides. She said she was being taken into a temple; she was not allowed to see inside the temple and walked round the healing room with her eyes closed and didn’t ever see anyone. At another healing session with both Ralph and Jan present she took them through certain ceremonies using the spirit guide. She took Ralph through a sequence, showing him which fingers he could use in psychic surgery. The index finger was the scalpel and the middle finger was to be used to inject people. Ralph admits that this will seem strange, but he quotes five cases as examples.

Examples of Psychic Healing
One lady, when Ralph ‘injected’ her, felt a ring of six very fine needles with a thick one in the middle. With another patient who had suffered a stroke, he ‘injected’ her knee and she felt it go the full length of the knee and go thud into the hip bone. This took the lady from the wheelchair to walking. Ralph ‘injected’ a gentleman in his sinuses and the man felt it go in one part of the nose and come out the other.

Most recently Mike was present when he was working on a lady. He saw him run the scalpel finger down to where he was shown by his spirit to make the ‘incision’ and ‘injected’ her in two places. Mike could see the lady’s shoulder jumping and jerking as if she were being electrocuted. Ralph was freeing a blockage. Afterwards the lady said that she felt the effect as the scalpel ran into the lower back and into the side of the shoulder blade. She said that her neck and shoulder had been tight and uncomfortable. Ralph says: The guides told me quietly to do the injection and guided my hand to where it was to go. My fingers ran down her back. On such occasions I feel like they are inside the body and I can feel where the breakdown in the body is and what I need to work on.

Another patient with cancer had had a mastectomy, and a lymph gland had swollen to three of four times its normal size. Ralph worked on it and it returned to its normal size. A year and a half later she had a big lump come up under her armpit. Her consultant had seen her and wanted her in straight in to hospital the next week because of her history. She showed Ralph the lump and he said he would try psychic surgery. He got his wife Jan to undress her and cover her with a blanket, and with Jan in the room he ‘cut’ underneath the armpit. Ralph says: I could feel the knife going in around the lump and when I put my fingers to the lump I could feel it coming away. I didn’t break the skin, but I couldn’t see my fingers and felt as if I had gone into her body. A few days later the lady went to her surgeon expecting surgery. The surgeon asked her where the tumour had gone. She told him that she had had psychic surgery, and the surgeon pressed so hard to find the non-existent tumour that it hurt. The tumour never returned. It was a success, Ralph says, but very hard to accept.

Psychic healers
In the Philippines there have been numerous claims of psychic surgery, including the breaking of skin. Someone high in the Church went across to the Philippines to study this phenomenon. He concluded that 85% to 90% were frauds, but there were a few that he could not explain away. Another healer in Brazil used a rusty penknife which he put into people’s eyes and bodies and the results were remarkable. People queued in their hundreds day in day out. So it is done sometimes with instruments, but Ralph has never tried this and has no wish to - ‘my working area is with my hands’.

A Witch Doctor story
Ralph tells of a programme he once saw about a team that had helicopted into Russia to film a nomadic tribe living in the wilds far from civilisation. They were filming them in the way they lived. Children of the age of two would all ride horses instead of walking. It was natural for them. The families had fur and skin clad igloos or domes that they lived in and could dismantle and move on if required. They all had guard dogs for protection. One cameraman was savagely bitten in the back of the leg, ripping the calf out. The witch doctor was called. He was in his eighties and had beads and ornaments around his neck. He looked at the bite, got a bear claw from his neck and dragged it over the wound. He then spat on the wound, put moss and padding on it and strapped it up. A day or two later he went back to take it all off. The wound had healed and there was no infection.

All in a week’s work
In the week when most of the material in this Newsletter was discussed Ralph had three cancer patients. One had bowel cancer and had turned to only ‘natural remedies’ such as turmeric and green tea, plus healing. She has had a couple of medical check-ups since, and though the cancer is still there, it is dormant, to the amazement of her professor surgeon. Another was a gentleman with prostate and hip cancer, being treated also by doctors who are amazed that he is doing so well, losing 15% of the cancer in the hip. The third was lady had bone cancer and lung cancer. Her doctors have been amazed the cancer has become dormant; her body has fought back.
In this context Ralph has mentioned another lady with bone and lung cancer who had given up all treatment apart from healing with Ralph. Check-ups with her doctors revealed that the cancer had become dormant and she lived another twelve years before she passed on in her seventies.
We have to remind ourselves that we don’t live forever in this world and there comes a time when the body gives up. In many instances, but not all, Ralph, with the help of his spirit guides, can delay the inevitable.

Another intriguing story: Andrea’s balloon
This story is told by Francis Spencer, a friend of Ralph and Jan.
Andrea Adams (look up in Wikipedia) was a real fighter, in life as in death. An investigative journalist since the age of 16, her career had latterly taken off when she brought the issue of Bullying at Work to public attention. Her book of the same title is still available. When she was diagnosed with liver cancer she had been given just three months to live. With two children still in their teens and a national campaign to run, she was definitely not ready to ‘go gently into that goodnight’. Jan Ticehurst, Andrea’s oldest friend and flatmate back in her days on the Skegness Standard, put her in touch with Ralph when he was just starting up with his healing ministry. Andrea and Ralph became good friends, and, as you know, Ralph and Jan now run the Ticehurst Healing Clinic as man and wife.
A number of visits and countless astonishingly active distance healing sessions followed. All of us woke up to the reality of the spiritual dimensions of life that we had only dreamt of before. This new understanding and perspective was a big part of the healing, and Ralph’s ability to channel spiritual energy and produce strong physical movement, even at long distance, reassured us that this was not simply ‘all in the mind’. With Ralph’s help Andrea fought off the cancer for two and a half long years. Eventually, though, in November 1995, it was over. Andrea passed over.
Being Andrea, she had planned her Celebration of Life carefully in advance, right down to the songs, the three speakers and the helium-filled balloons. These, she insisted, had to be in two colours, green and blue, with one attached to the end of each pew in the grand old parish church. The day came, and then the hour; the church filled up with some three hundred people. Andrea’s coffin was placed in the centre between the nave and the choir stalls. Just next to it was the lectern where the three speakers were to deliver their tributes. The first of these was Andrea’s first editor on the Skegness Standard. A former lay preacher with a lovely warm manner, he was just getting warmed up by the time his ten minutes was up. Fifteen minutes, twenty. He was still in full flow. People began to cough and look nervously at their watches. I, as Andrea’s partner, was down to speak third and I was beginning to get worried. But what on earth do you do to stop a man giving a heartfelt eulogy?
Whilst I was wracking my brains to think of a way round the problem Andrea had come up with an idea of her own. Suddenly people became aware of a single green balloon. Somehow it had come loose (though none, it transpired, were missing from the pews when we checked afterwards) and floated along the side aisle, stopped over Andrea’s coffin and descended there. The speaker talked on, but everyone else was watching the balloon. After it dipped down behind her coffin, it bobbed up again and floated directly in front of him, trailing its ribbon in its wake. He saw it, stopped and said in his wonderful northern voice: ‘Oh alright, Annie. I’d better shut up now.’ And he did. Everyone laughed, but just a little nervously. It was such a gentle, funny but brilliantly effective solution to the problem and somehow just typical of Andrea too! But it was what happened next that blew us all away. The balloon, once its message was delivered, then snaked its way back towards the pews. I looked on disbelieving from the other side of the nave as I saw Ralph, who was sitting in the left front row, lean over and hold out his hand. The balloon slowly moved towards him, and trailed its ribbon into his waiting hand. Ralph sat down. The balloon, job done, bobbed quietly at his feet. The speaker concluded his talk and the next speaker walked up to the lectern.
How had this happened? How was it possible? I had a very sceptical friend there, a big fan of Richard Dawkins’ scientific attacks on God and all things spiritual, but he, to this day, can only shake his head and shrug. He saw it all happen, just as I did. It was way, way beyond coincidence or the work of a draughty old church. Ralph himself thinks it was Andrea, both making sure that her ceremony went off just right, but also as the gentlest message to us all, to reassure us that her spirit lives in, and everything is as it should be, yes, even at a funeral. Ralph still has the balloon, a treasured memory of a treasured friend and her message from beyond.
Early the next morning, the funeral directors came into the church to arrange for the actual burial service. One of them took me to one side and said: ‘ It’s a funny thing, but when we came in this morning we found one of the balloons, a deep blue one, was resting on the head of the coffin. We don’t know how it could have got there.’ When I told Ralph, he said: ‘Ah, deep blue. That means gone to heaven. Good.’

Make of the story what you will.

Lanercost Priory
In Newsletter No 5 we told you about Ralph being fed poetry that he says was uttered by St Aldhelm in the seventh century. This is another instance of Ralph ‘hearing poetry’.
The first occasion that Ralph ‘heard’ poetry was in 1998 when he was visiting Lanercost Priory in Cumbria. He was with his wife Jan, and the lengthy verses were given to him as he stood on the left hand side of the carved stone archway over the door to the Priory Church. Jan was only able to transcribe a small part, and with great difficulty:

Lanercost PrioryNow we’re forgotten o’er long
Tis the heathens this now belongs
Look to yonder falls begin
the life blood now flows within,
it spills and washes all within
True gentry come and rest o’er all
Until this bloody passage fades
Our breath will lie dormant still
Gentry came and swilled their mead
But their quest is now in need
They lavish garbs and hish
They gathered garments stollen (sic) here
to cover the men that have fallen here
The quest is need not deed in here
Make what you will of the poetry - the episode was mind-blowing for Ralph and Jan at the time.

Blood pressure

An interesting observation from your Editor Mike Chew. Mike rarely has healing sessions, but he does sometimes sit in on sessions with friends and family who are seeking Ralph’s help. Mike has a not-serious problem with blood pressure which he, in concert with his GP, is dealing with very effectively. He has noticed, however, that after he has been with Ralph his blood pressure drops - sometimes significantly. Generally the improvement lasts a few days. Three examples.

Ralph cites another example of ‘third-party’ healing. ‘A lady recently bought her young son to me. She’d not been coping very well with the problems he’d been causing; he was about 8/9. When she came back the second time, she said she didn’t know what I’d done to her but she floated home, so relaxed, slept the best in 5 days, and the little boy had improved no end. I said she had what we call overspill.’

Passing over
A lady once asked if Ralph could predict the passing of her father, so that her brothers, who lived far away in Yorkshire and Scotland could visit him before he passed on. Ralph said he couldn’t - he said he was not God. The spirits, however, did mention that Thursday and Friday would be good days for the brothers and sister to visit. They came, and the father died on the Saturday. Make of this story what you will

Guardian spirits?
A little child aged about 8 had started at boarding school and was not coping. His tearful mother brought him to Ralph. Ralph settled him down and the child’s response was positive, but his Mum was still distressed as they went back to their car. When the next patient came Ralph noticed that they were still seated in their car. A third patient arrived, knew the mother and had a brief chat with her. Ralph finished with the third patient and went out to see if the mother was OK. No, was the plaintive answer - the car would not start. Mum suggested it was all Ralph’s fault! Ralph checked the car and opened the bonnet. Everything was in order. Putting the bonnet down Ralph was given the message that everything was now OK. He relayed this to the mother and the engine was started. Jan suggested that the mother was so upset that she was not safe to drive and that was why the spirits would not let her drive off. Uncanny! Make of this story what you will.

India and the stopped train.
Ralph recounts the story: A gentleman came to me for treatment. He had just completed his course and was working as a junior doctor at a hospital. He was amazed at how I could make him move and then he related this story to me, he said he was very open-minded as on his year off, he toured India was on a steam train going across the country. It was a 14-16 hour journey on the train. They had been going several hours and the ticket man came through. In his carriage he had a holy man, dressed like Ghandi would be dressed - very simply in a wrap-around garb and sandals. The ticket collector knew full well that he was from a different sect. He asked where his ticket was, knowing full well he didn’t have any money and would only earn his keep doing prayers or healing in villages.
He said to him that if he didn’t have a ticket, he would stop the train and he would have to get off. It was in the middle of nowhere. A lot of the other passengers were getting agitated because he was a holy man and it was the wrong thing to do. They stopped the train and the holy man said ‘That’s fine, I will get off the train but until I get back on, the train will not move’. The ticket man said not to be so ridiculous. But the train was incapable of moving forwards or backwards. After 20 minutes or so, they had to relent and let the holy man back on. As soon as he sat down, the train kicked into gear and off they went. The doctor said he saw it happen, and if it had been a diesel train, he could have said he was affecting the electrics, but it was a steam train. He said after this, and after I moved his body, that he was very open- minded. I said that was very good for his career; he could look beyond the norm.
This was between 12 and 15 years ago, but the story will always stay in my mind.